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Whether you are new here to the Aviano-Pordenone area or you have been here a while, our Serenissima family would like to share a very warm CIAO and BENVENUTO with you.

God has really done amazing things in our special family here in north Italia, and we want to share his joy with you. We first share his joy by recognizing that God wants to be personally known through the Bible. So, the Bible is our love letter from Heaven and our guide book to life. The Bible reveals Jesus who created every person with dignity. No matter what culture, ethnicity, or language background you come from, the Good News is for you, too! Then, God shares his joy and life with you through his special community — real people, really changed by the love of God, who really care about our cities and world as God asks us to do.

So, we are a church community here to serve you and serve God with you. If you have any questions, needs, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to write us here on our contact form.

Welcome to our region, and Serenissima (joy & peace) to you today!

New Life Labs Initiative

The Life Lab launches and sparks fly!

On 1 March, after 18 months of preparation, we were able to launch a wonderful new project into our local refugee camps. The initiative is called Life Labs and this one in particular is a Life Lab for welding and soldering.

The laboratory consists of an extra large mobile trailer, outfitted with various types of welding and soldering tools, and a large, hydraulic

Training begins with Rodolfo.

door opening from the side which turns the lab into an instant classroom. Additionally, our brothers have installed 4 specialized video cameras and a large wall monitor where teaching can be observed at magnified levels while the work is being performed.

A smile as big as the lab from brother Michael.

This particular lab will serve our Vittorio Veneto and Oderzo camps. Our many refugee friends are eager to get started and learn. We have a few more Life Labs to come, but this prototype lab is already experience great success. Our church thanks our many brothers who have spent hours in preparation, outfitting the laboratory, and guidance of the project. Special blessings and thanks to brothers Dani, Franco, Italo, Pippo, Chris, and other brothers who have been so instrumental in getting this initiative launched.

Specialized training in TIG welding with Dani

If you would like more information on the project, please email us here.
If you would like to invest in this initiative and help us cover the ongoing costs, please click here and select “Refugee Ministries” in the dropdown box.